Our Hiring Process

Stage 1


Once we've received your application, a member of our Ambassador team will review it carefully.  We'll schedule a chat if it looks like we may have a potential match.
Stage 2

Talent Acquisition Interview

You'll chat with a member of our Talent Acquisition (Recruiting) team to discuss your skills, experience, and ambitions in more detail.
Stage 3

Operations Interview

You'll chat with a leader from our Operations team to discuss your skills, experience, and ambitions in more detail. This is a great opportunity to get to know a teammate with whom you may be working!
Stage 4

Conditional Offer

If it looks like we have a fit, we'll extend a conditional offer of employment. This means that we'd like to move forward with placement but there are a few administrative details we need to verify first. This includes, but isn't necessarily limited to, possession of a valid passport and travel documents (including necessary visas), a valid Medical Fitness Certificate, and required Certificates of Competency (and/or training); as well as successful completion of background and reference checks. We'll be here to support you along the way during onboarding.
Stage 5

Document Review

This is where we work with you to collect and verify all documents/requirements outlined in the Conditional Offer (so we can get you ready for placement!).
Stage 6


Congratulations!  You're now ready for placement and will be eligible to receive your contracted assignment!